M Girl Advice Column: How Do I Tell My Mom I Have a BF?


Dear M Girl, I have a BIG problem! My mom won't let me have a boyfriend until I'm older but I have already started going out with a guy from my school. I don't know whether to keep dating him in secret or tell my mom! I've always told my mom everything. Please give me some advice. JustinheartsSelenaxx23

Hey JustinheartsSelenaxx23, It's always best to be upfront with your mom, especially when it comes to boys. Your mom is always going to be protective of you as you grow up but talking to her upfront shows a sign of maturity! Think about how disappointed your mom would feel if she finds out you were hiding secrets from her. When you feel comfortable enough, ask her if you could invite your BF for dinner and introduce them to each other. How will she get to know your BF if she doesn't get to meet him? Bringing your mom into the picture will make all of you happy since you won't feel guilty. Let me know how it goes! XOXO M Girl

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