M Girl Advice Column: How Do We Become Friends Again?


Dear M Girl,

I had a best friend for a really long time but then she started to talk to other girls and she just started ignoring me even though I never did anything to her. I went along with it but I've known her for long time. I really want to know what to do. I thought that we were best friends because we were for 7 years and I want our friendship to stay. How do I tell her I want to be friends again?

Thanks, ConfusedBFF

Hey ConfusedBFF,

It's always hard to lose a best friend, but there are things that you can do to let her know that you want to start hanging out again. Take some time to call your BFF and try to catch up on some of the time you lost. This is a time to be open and tell her how hurt you are. She may have gotten caught up with new friends and may not have realized that she hurt your feelings. You feel left out and the best way to get back in the mix of things is to get involved! Plan some fun activities that your BFF and you can do with her new friends like going to see a new movie or cheering on the cuties at your school's next basketball game. You won't get left out of the mix and even make some new friends along the way. Remember: Friendship is always about compromise so try to have fun! Let me know how it goes!

XOXO, M Girl

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