M Girl Advice Column: I am falling behind in school!


Dear M Girl,

I was doing so well this year at school and my parents were SO proud of me! All of a sudden, I got the flu and I missed class for a week and when I got back I just couldn't seem to catch up in my classes. My grades are lower than ever and it's really bumming me out -- plus, I really don't want my 'rents to find out! I'm embarrassed to ask for help from my friends and teachers. What can I do to get back on track?

-Daniela, 11

Dear Daniela,

We're totally been there before -- it stinks to get sick in the middle of the school year! Fortunately you really have nothing to be embarrassed about. Your teachers are there to help you succeed in school, and since you have such a good excuse there's no reason to feel ashamed for falling behind a bit! If you still need extra help, get the buds together for a fun study sesh -- you don't have to tell them it's because you're feeling behind, you can just think of it as a fun way for you to bond and work on your HW together. You should be all caught up in no time!

XOXO -M Girl

What do you think ladies? What should Daniela do?

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