M Girl Advice Column: Should I Get Back Together With My Ex?


Dear M girl, 

My boyfriend and I broke up one day after we got back together. He probably still likes me but I don't like him, I like somebody else. What should I do? Get back with my ex or keep liking my crush? Please help me!

Yours Truly, Stuck between 2 boys

Hey Stuck between 2 boys, It seems like you and your ex have had a very confusing past. It might be hard for you to try and date someone new if you still feel confused about your ex. First, you should ask if he still likes you and then try telling him that you are ready to move on. It's never nice to lead someone on and he should hear the truth from you. If you like somebody else, you should try to move on, but only after letting your ex down gently. Take some time to think about why a new start might be right for you. Let me know it goes!

XOXO, M Girl

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