M Girl Advice Column: Two BFFs have a crush on me -- help!


Dear M,

I have these two crushes named Steven and Noah who are in band class with me. Steven and Noah are best friends so if one of them asked me out I don't want them to get mad and fight over me. Please help me figure out how I can avoid losing two friends over a love triangle!

Sincerely, Lilly

Dear Lilly,

It's always complicated to have a crush on two guys, especially if they are best buds! Take your time in figuring out which boy you see yourself going out with. If you feel like you really can't decide, try to think about who you feel more comfortable with and who shares your favorite food, band and sports team. If Steven or Noah gets upset that you chose one over the other, let him down gently. Just explain that you really want to try taking your relationship to the next level with your crush and that you don't want them to fight over you. Strong friendships don't crumble under the pressures of a love triangle! When you tell him exactly wants on your mind, he won't jump to conclusions and get jealous. Instead, he will be understanding and be happy for your new relationship. Let me know how it goes!

XOXO, M Girl

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