M Girl Celeb Survey!


Hey M Girls-

We've got a fun after-school survey for ya today. Read on and comment back below!

What do you want more of in your next M: Behind the scene stories from American Idol Details on the upcoming Eclipse movie Finale juice on shows like Vampire Diaries

Think quick, there's a gossipy story on Miley and one on Selena. Which one do you read first?

Are you interested in the Kardashians?

Would you want to read about juicy tour deets from Taylor Swift's life on the road?

If you had to pick, which Justin song do you like best: Baby or Never Let You Go?

Are you going to see Miley's movie The Last Song?

Which story would you read first: Deets on Selena and Nick's new love or Breaking news on Selena and Demi mending their friend feud?

What's their favorite channel?

What show will they never miss?

Are they excited for The Hills?

What books are they reading?

What couple do they care most about?

Are they excited for JoBro tour? Would they want to go?

Do you like Nick better solo or with his brothers?

Who do you think is the perfect girl for Taylor Lautner?

What do you want to know about Rob and Kristen? Do you want them to date?

Will Idol's Aaron Kelly be bigger than David Archuleta? Who do you like more -- Ke$ha or Lady Gaga?

Are you excited for 10 Things to return?

What song is their ringtone right now?

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