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Dear M Girl,

I have a friend that I have known forever! She was always my best friend, but now she never wants to do anything that I want to do and only what she wants. Do you have any ideas for a way I can nicely tell her that I wish we could do some stuff I want to do sometimes? I don't want to hurt her feelings!

-Mandi, 13

Hey Mandi,

Friendship is a two way street and a true best friend should understand that good buds do things that they'll both be into! You should try to surround yourself with peeps who get that. However, if keeping her in your life is important to you it's time to chat with her again. The next time she suggests something only she wants to do, tell her your not really into the idea and offer up a diff plan. If she says no, explain to her that you love her and because you love her you want her to be able to share your fave things with her. That way you turn a negative problem into a positive!

Xoxo, M Girl

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