M Girl's Advice Column: Help -- I need better grades!


Dear M Girl,

I hate school! Every time I go, I can't help but fall asleep or daydream about places I would rather be. I am flunking my science class and can't seem to find the motivation to better myself. My parents recently told me that I would be allowed to go to the Diggy Simmons concert this April if I received all A's this marking period. I really want to go, but don't think I'll be able to stay focused. I feel like a letdown. What can I do to better myself in school? Help! -Amber, 12

Hey, Amber! School can get the best out of all of us, but it is important to remain focused and most importantly, study. First, if you are falling asleep in class, make sure you are eating a healthy breakfast. A nutritional breakfast is important in giving you energy throughout the day! Second, it's time to get organized! Buy yourself a planner and make a schedule, outlining the hours you will set aside in order to study! Also, look into afterschool tutor program for your science class or see if she can give you extra help. Don't forget about extra credit and planning study sessions with your friends! All that helps to raise your grades. Do your best and we hope you get to see Diggy! Make sure you tell us all about it! -M Girl

What do you think, M, girls? What should Amber do?

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