M Girl's Advice Column: How do I deal with a mean girl?


Dear M Girl,

I have a girl in one of my classes who constantly teases and bullies me. I tried to tell my teacher, but that simply made it worse -- she tripped me that same day in front of my crush! I try to ignore her when she makes her mean comments, but she just doesn't stop. It's hard to concentrate in class and it really hurts my feelings. I'm afraid to tell my parents, because it's embarrassing and I don't want them to transfer me to another school. I also don't want to say anything mean to her, because it'll just get all of her friends to gang up on me. What do I do?

-Laura, 12

Hi Laura!

Sigh -- aren't mean girls horrible? You should NOT stand for her rude behavior! Try to come to an understanding with her -- find something that you both have in common and talk to her about it. Does she like Biebs as much as you? Ask and find out! Change this negative relationship into a possible friendship. If all else fails, tell your parents and school principal. They care about you and will make sure your feelings are taken care of. School is a place for learning and should be a safe environment for all students. Good luck, chica! Keep your head up high!


What do you think, M girls? What should Laura do? To submit your OWN Qs, just leave 'em in the comments section below!

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