M Girl's Advice Column: I'm scared to sing in public!


Dear M Girl,

I am really musically talented but I am too shy to show it! I really want to sing in my 6th grade talent show next year, but I don't want to chicken out like I did in 1st grade! All my BFFs say I should, so what do I do?


Dear msw246,

Being shy is completely normal! Everyone gets shy and nervous about something. You shouldn't let your nerves get in the way of your talent. You should let the world hear you, girl! Who knows, after the show you might decide to continue singing more. :)

Try to think about how your fav singers get over their nerves before a show -- that might help, too! So I hope you do take this great opportunity and sing in the talent show because I don't want you to regret it (like you do for not singing in the 1st grade show)! Wish you all the best. Let me know what you decide.


What do you think girls, what should our reader do?

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