M Girl's Advice Column: My crush dissed me in front of my friends!


Dear M Girl,

I like this boy who's in the 10th grade and I asked him out and he totally dissed me in front of all of my friends! Every single day since then, I look away when I see him in the halls and when I say hi he always turns the other way and doesn't say anything! How do I apologize to him without making a scene?

  • Isabel, 13

Hey, Isabel!

It sounds to me like you don't owe this boy an apology at all! If anything, it's the other way around -- he's the one who wasn't very nice after you took a risk and asked him out! It's clear that he's not being very mature about the situation, but that's his problem, not yours! Instead of worrying about apologizing to him, try to find a new crush -- one who appreciates the fact that you'll make the first move. This may be hard to do, but don't let one bad situation affect the way you act around your next crush. It's super-awesome that you were brave enough to ask him out in the first place, and you deserve someone who will treat you right! :)

-M Girl

What do you think, M girls? What should Isabel do?

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