M Girl's Advice Column: My parents are super-strict!


Dear M Girl, My parents are way too strict and never let me go out on my own! I'm never allowed to sleepover my BFF's house or go to the movies. Even after my dance recital, when everyone went to a restaurant to celebrate and eat, I was not allowed to go. I feel like I miss out on everything and that they don't trust me, although I get good grades and am never in trouble. I have tried talking to them, but they just won't listen. What else can I do to get a bit more freedom? -Lyla, 14

Hey, Lyla! I'm sorry to hear your stress. Parents can be tough, but at the end of the day, they love you and just want what's best for you. You said you get good grades and are never in trouble, but do you help and take responsibility around the house? Sometimes, parents need to see a little responsibility at home before providing you with freedom of your own, outside of home. Start off by proving to them that you are responsible by accomplishing small tasks in the house, before they remind you to and without their help or guidance. Take out the trash, do your homework, and organize your room, etc. Little by little, they'll take notice. Once you show them how responsible you are, pick a perfect day to sit them down and talk to them about the freedoms you want and what you can do to get them. Don't yell or make demands -- talk to them as mature as possible and try to hear them out, too. Hopefully, over time, they'll begin to give you the little freedoms you're looking for. Let us know how it goes! -M Girl

What do you think, M girls? What should Lyla do?

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