M Girl's Advice Column: Should I Ask Him If He Likes Me?


Dear M girl,

I'm not sure, but there's this cutie in my class who I'm pretty sure has been crushing on me -- eek! I noticed him looking at me in class one day, and I even asked him for his number (which he totally gave me!) The thing is, I can't tell if he likes me like THAT or just as a friend. Should I ask him or just stay quiet?

-Brooke, 12.

Hi Brooke,

I definitely understand, I've been there before! You think you know he likes you, but you're nervous just in case you've been misreading the signs. I think it's best if you guys hang out first and see if things get clearer. If you do hang but you still can't tell he's feelin', just be honest and ask him about him -- he's probably as confused and shy as you are! But if this isn't a match made in heaven then don't worry. You'll find someone else! Just be patient and give it time. :)

XOXO M girl

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