M hangs out on the Fame set!


Hey M Girls!

OMG! I'm having the time of my life interning here at M and this week has been SO exciting! I got to spend the entire day hanging out with the cast of the movie, FAME! The flick is a remake of the 1980s musical, which centers around students who are trying to break into singing and acting. The whole cast was super-cool and gave me the inside scoop on the movie -- I even got to watch them film some scenes on a rooftop in New York City! Kay Panabaker dished about having her first kiss with Zac Efron on the set of Summerland and V Factory hottie Asher Book shared that his secret celeb crush is -- Scarlett Johansson. I also got to eat lunch with Anna Maria Perez de Tagle (from Hannah Montana and Camp Rock) and up-and-coming hotties Paul Iacono and Paul McGill.

Here's Paul with M! He plays Kevin in the flick!

And this just in! Paul Iacono let us in on a little secret - He just started dating newly-single Lucy Hale from Privileged! "She's amazing. She's incredible. It's fairly new," he dishes to M. SO juicy! I wonder what her ex David Henrie thinks. FAME doesn't come out until September but it looks like it's gonna be SO cool. I can't wait!

Let's dish: Are YOU excited for FAME?

XOXO M Intern Shannon

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