M hangs with BG5 and Mandy Jiroux talks about how Miley is doing!


Hey M Girls!

We just had a total blast meeting and chatting with the girls of BG5, an all-girl group whose first single "Scratch" is out NOW! They're hard at work performing and working on their CD, out later next year (Psst--they're appeared on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians since mom, Kris Jenner, manages them), but they stopped by to talk to us. Besides dishing about boys (Justin Timberlake is a fave) and guilty pleasures ("Candy!"), band member Mandy also talked to M about her good friend Miley. Remember these two from the Miley and Mandy YouTube channel? We had to ask how Mi was doing!

M: Mandy, a lot of our readers remember you from the Miley and Mandy show. Do you still keep in touch with Mi? Mandy: We still talk! She was actually the one who called me about this audition (for the band) and told me to try out for it. We're both super-busy with our schedules, but she invited us to all her birthday party on Sunday and we're so excited to go to that.

M: With her parent's recent divorce, how is she doing? Mandy: She's doing good. Miley's a strong girl, and she's really close to her brother and sister. She'll be OK.

M: You know, when it comes to boys, everyone wants Miley to get back with Nick Jonas. Do you think they should get back together? Mandy: Niley! Niley! Everyones always saying that! I don't know, I think Miley should stay single for a while..stay single and have fun.

For sure!! Let's dish: -Have you heard of BG5? Are you happy Mi's OK?

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