M Hangs with Days Difference from the Hannah Montana Movie at Bamboozle 2009!


Hey M Girls!

M Intern Shannon here. On Saturday, I got to go to the Bamboozle Festival and hang out with the awesome band, Days Difference who starred in Hannah Montana: The Movie! M's got to hang out with boys before when they visited our office and gave us a mini-concert, and the guys were just as sweet as I remembered!

Jeremy shared that Miley was one of the nicest people he's ever met, "She's so down to earth," he dished. And they also let me in on who their celeb crushes are (Psst! Lead singer Jeremy has a crush on Taylor Swift!)

I made sure to catch the guys' set after I interviewed them and they totally blew me away. Their music is SO catchy and they were amazing live! I took some pics of the guys on stage and they recorded a shout-out exclusively for M girls. Check out Jeremy, Jonathan, Jeremiah and Micah below:

XOXO M Intern Shannon

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