M has your chance to talk to Evan Lysacek, the US Olympic gold medalist, on the PHONE!


Hey M Girls!

The Winter Olympics are always a blast to watch, but this past Thursday was even more exciting than we could have imagined! American figure skater, Evan Lysacek, won the gold medal! If that isn't enough of an accomplishment, he was the first U.S. male skater to win the gold in 22 years! Way to go Evan! Psst--besides being uber talented on the ice, isn't Evan a total hottie?! But unfortunately girls, he's taken...by Olympic gold medalist gymnast, Nastia Liukin! She was even there in the crowds cheering for Evan! Aww!

Well guess what? M has your chance to TALK TO EVAN ON THE PHONE in our exclusive contest! You can talk to him about the Olympics, training, his future plans and more! Enter now by clicking this link!

Let's dish: -What would be the first question you would ask Evan?

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Photo: Greg Tidwell/Pacific Coast News

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