M Poll: Do you like Kendall & Kylie's Pacsun Collection?


Hey M Girls!

As you probs already know, Kendall and Kylie Jenner released their own clothing collection on Feb. 8 exclusive to Pacsun.

We totes love the girls' fashion sense. But, we want to know what YOU think of it.

Check out these pics below to see more of the line:

Kylie tweeted along with the pic below: "Love matching with everyone!"

Before a meet and greet in Long Island at the Roosevelt Field Mall, Kendall tweeted:"On my way to you guys over in Long Island! wearing Kendall and Kylie collection obvi!" along with this pic.

This is the "Kalifornia" tee -- love it!

We also Do u guys like the "It Will All Be Better By Tomorrow" i put on our long sleeve fleece? wanted to make is personal :)"

To see more of their clothing line, click here!

Take the poll below and sound off -- do you dig their Pacsun line?

Photo courtesy of Kendall and Kylie Jenner's Twitter

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