M's Chatting With Forever The Sickest Kids! - UPDATE


UPDATE: Just got off the phone with Jonathan a bit ago, and let me tell you, he is stoked for FTSK's duet with Selena "Whoa Oh!" According to Jonathan, it was Selena who approached the band about recording the duet. Everyone met up in LA a few months back to record it and the vibe in the studio "was very laid back," says Jon. They even ordered in pizza to eat on breaks. The duet is only available on iTunes and "won't be on FTSK's new CD out this summer," shares Jonathan. We love the tune, it's totally a feel-good anthem. What are your thoughts?

Hey M Girls!

M's talking to Jonathan Cook from Forever The Sickest Kids this afternoon! We are so excited to be chatting with the band Selena Gomez recorded a duet with!

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Photo: Startraks

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