M's Girl Advice Column: Help -- I need a later curfew!


Dear M Girl,

My parents are SO strict about my curfew -- they don't let me stay out past 8 pm, no matter the occasion or whom I am with. My early curfew doesn't give me much time to hang out with my friends or even go on dates! When all my BFFs go to the movies, I'm forced to go back home, because I'm not allowed to stay out. I'm too embarrassed to tell any of my friends about my curfew, so I always pretend that I don't like the movie they are going to go see. I even had to turn down my crush that asked me out on a date! It's so unfair! I am going to be 13 soon and feel that I should get a little more freedom. I REALLY don't want to miss out on any more fun plans, especially since I'm going to be in high school soon. I've tried to talk to them, but they refuse to change their minds! I'm on the honor roll at school and often help out around the house. I don't know what else I can do! Help!

-Erica, 12

Hi Erica!

We know that an 8 o'clock curfew can feel like the end of the world, but the good news is that it's not. It can change and here's how: Be responsible. You say you help out around the house and get good grades, but maybe now is the perfect time to do a little more. Take up some house chores on your own -- do the dishes and take out the trash without them telling you to -- they'll notice and reward you for it. Also, have you ever thought about joining an after school activity? If you can do it, joining an after school activity, and excelling at it, would prove to them that you are able and determined to handle numerous responsibilities. Plus, it'd be fun! Most importantly, don't break your current curfew. Don't come home late or that'll only prove them right about you not being able to handle a later time.Remember: Be responsible! Either way -- early or late curfew -- your parents love you and ultimately want what's best for you.Talk to them about it and see what they say. Good luck!

M Girl

What do you think, M girls? What should Erica do?

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