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We have a BRAND NEW celeb advice column on mmm-mag.com. Each day at 8:00 PM/EST we'll post a reader question and have a different star answer it!! Today, we have Danielle Panabaker talks major school drama!!

M Reader RandomWordsAnonymous asked: I can't stand drama! But I feel like everywhere I go, the issues just follow me! There's constantly some problem happening and it makes me wonder if it will ever stop! Will it?

And Danielle's answer is: "There was always so much drama when I was in school. I went to a pretty big high school which meant more kids, and more drams! I was faced with peer pressure a lot and ended up caring a lot about how I looked -- I spent way too much time getting ready in the mornings and at one point I was actually keeping a list of what outfits I wore for the week -- so I didn't repeat anything! It was tough to hold up to the "perfect" image. And the whole time doing it, I just wasn't truly happy. The most important thing is to try and be happy for yourself -- for the person you really are, not the person you want everyone to think you are. And after you do that, the drama seems to melt away because you're growing up and entering a different stage in your life. It'll make you realize what drama is worth it and which situations are not worth the headache!

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