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The wait is finally over -- your brand new October/November issue of M is hitting stands THIS Monday! We've got all the celeb scoop on BFF drama for you this month -- find out how Demi and Selena deal with their friend probs together, if Demi and Miley are still friends, who made Taylor Swift really freak out, if Justin's obsessed with Selena (plus, new kissing pix!), AND SO MUCH MORE! Plus, we have tons of amazing prizes for you and your BFF -- Bella Thorne's signed camera, a Footloose screening for you and 100 friends, two cool best friend necklaces, Halloween nail kits...we could keep going and going! So after this weekend, make sure you look for the pink mag with the bright purple M on the cover! And here's a sneak peek of what you'll find inside:

Justin's Father/Son Heart-to-Heart: "My Dad Has to Give Me Love Advice!" Selena, are you listening?! Justin Bieber may have plenty of swag and confidence, but he admits to M that he still needs to ask his dad for help with girls! It's a must-read for every Biebette!

Greyson Chance: Being the Youngest is Hard! "I Feel Like I'm Not Listened To!" Even though he has the support of tons of stars like Lady Gaga, Greyson still has to deal with getting grounded and arguing with his sibs. Find out how he deals with parent probs and why he stays positive no matter what! Plus, every Greysonator will love our poster of him!

How Taylor Swift Conquers Hollywood Cliques! It's easy to think of Hollywood as a place where backstabbing and gossiping is the norm -- but TSwift doesn't see it that way. Discover how Tay stays friends with tons of different groups and avoids drama, 24/7!

How Miranda Bounced Back From the Worst Day of Her Life! Just one month ago, Miranda Cosgrove was in a terrifying bus accident and broke her ankle. Find out all the scary details of what happened and how Mir has continued looking on the bright side through it all.

M Goes Shopping with Bella! Calling all fashionistas! Check out all the pics and deets from M's exclusive shopping trip with Bella Thorne and the lucky M contest winner Ashli! Plus, find out what trends Bella is loving for fall!

Quiz! What Does Your Crush's Handwriting Reveal? We had our handwriting expert decode our fave celeb guys' writing styles. Check out what the different styles mean and discover what it reveals about your crush!

Prize Blow-out! We have Taylor Swift's "Wonderstruck" fragrance to give away, cute boots for the winter, tons of hot DVDs, a watch designed by Ke$ha, AND SO MUCH MORE!

And of course, we have tons of awesome posters like a cool Hunger Games collectible and wall-worthy MEGAS, including a hot Justin Bieber one that you will love! So remember -- on Monday, look for the brand new October/November issue of M! Then, come back here and tell us what you think! And follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/m_magazine).

XOXO, The M Editors

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