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Cliques, gossip, mean girls and rejection -- the stars have been through it all and want to share their survival secrets! In the brand new Oct/Nov issue of M, which hits stands on MONDAY, is filled with the hottest star gossip -- including JB's unforgettable reunion with his dad, plus if he's REALLY dating Jasmine Villegas, why Demi ditched a toxic friendship and if Joe is going to be in Breaking Dawn now that his new girlfriend, Ashley Greene, is helping his acting career! Find out who Victoria Justice wants to set Taylor Lautner up with, deets on Miley's movie with Justin, Taylor and Selena's girl power and TONS more! So look for the pink background and the blue M with the words "Popularity Secrets" and buy it NOW! It's can't-miss issue, filled with 23 FREE posters and the coolest prizes ever, including your only chance to win a date with Cody Simpson! Here'a sneak peek of what's inside:

Popularity Secrets! Justin admits he wasn't super-popular and was even on the chess team; Miley felt pressure to fit in and Demi opens about her toxic friendship with Selena. Only here, M got the stars to open up about their secret struggles to be comfortable in their own skin. Plus, find out who's IN and who's OUT in the celeb clique world!

Taylor Swift: Born Under a Lucky Star? For Taylor, the number 13 is more than just a number! Find out why Taylor relies on her lucky number to get through any day! And we have the inside info on YOUR lucky number! Everyone has one, so find out yours!

Justin's special day with his dad -- why JB needs his father now more than ever! M has the scoop on the Barbados beach getaway that deepened his bond with his dad in every way! It's a side of Justin you've never seen before. This is a must-read for any TRUE Biebette!

Taylor Lautner: Always the Boy Friend, Never the Boyfriend! The pictures say it all: When Taylor and Selena spotted each other from across the room at the Teen Choice Awards, they ran to each other and embraced in super-long hug. For Tay, all his emotions for Sel came rushing back. Only here, get the inside scoop on Tay's secret single guy struggle.

Selena: Living the Dream! In her own handwriting, Selena takes the M Quiz -- spilling all! Find out what Sel holds near and dear to her heart and her juicy love secrets and turn-offs.

Nick's Health -- How is He Doing? M had an exclusive sit down with Nick in NYC, and we had a heart-to-heart over his brave battle with diabetes and the scariest day of his life. Plus, JONAS' Nicole reveals juicy set scoop and Nick news, just for M! You HAVE to read what she spilled to us!

Fun Quizzes! Where Will You and Your Bestie Be in 10 Years? Discover your fab future together!

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