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Looking for all the latest and juiciest star scoop? M's December issue is jam-packed with it and it hits stands on MONDAY! We've got major kiss and tell drama - straight from the stars! Only M has Justin Bieber and rumored-GF Jasmine Villegas' BIG news, plus Taylor Lautner's shocking response to Tay Swift's song, Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene's love dramz and why Selena is looking for her Prince Charming! Plus, find out if Emma Watson is secretly calling Rob Pattinson on the Breaking Dawn set, what's really going on with Miley and Liam, and if Willow is the next Rihanna. Get all this but TONS more gos by looking for the aqua striped background and the bright pink M with the words "Kiss & Tell DRAMA!" Here's a sneak peek of what's inside the issue - for M Girls' eyes only!

Justin Bieber: "I Don't Have a Girlfriend!" J-Biebs is desperate to set the record straight about his single guy status - and M has all the deets! Justin opens up about his loneliness and who he's looking to date! Plus, Justin's "Baby" Jasmine V. invites only M to hang out with her in NYC and she spills the truth on "Just-Mine" and if she and Justin are really together. Plus, we have your chance to win SIGNED Justin singing dolls!!

Why Taylor's Dreading December In this M exclusive, Taylor confides to us what's on her mind this December and why she felt the need to apologize to Taylor Lautner about what happened exactly one year ago. Find out her winter pick-me-ups and we have your chance to win signed CDs and Tay's super-cool SIGNED guitar!

Taylor Lautner: "I'm a Protective Older Brother!" The love that Taylor has for his little sis, Makena makes him even more adorable! Find out why Tay always has his sister's back in this revealing side of Taylor we haven't seen before!

Selena: "I'm Very Picky...Which is Why I'm Alone!" M had the chance to sit down with Selena and she dished boys, boys, boys to us! Find out why Sel is having major dating drama and why she and BFF Taylor Swift can't figure out love! Plus, win Selena's signed school bag!

Miley's Texting Drama! Miley's been going through some big changes recently, and the stress has really taken a toll on her soul. Find out why Mi had to call the police and her personal message to fans!

Stars Take on Bullies: "It Gets Better!" With cyber bullying on the rise, celebs speak out about why no one has the right to make you feel bad, and how they themselves deal with haters. Here, find out how Ke$ha, Justin, Selena and other stars learned to ignore the mean comments.

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