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Hey M Girls!

The wait is finally over -- your brand new May issue of M is hitting stands TODAY! The mag is filled with the ultimate girl talk dish on zits, boys and friend drama. Plus, we've got over 50 major OMG secrets! Find out if Taylor Lautner has landed his dream girl, why Justin needs YOU more than ever, what secrets Willow knows about J-Biebs, if Cody and Bella are really together, AND MUCH MORE! We've got the best prizes this issue, too -- Win Justin's signed cell phone, a copy of iCarly: Season 2, Volume 3, Cody's signed sneakers, a Wizards' D-Signed wardrobe, Victoria's signed notebook... We could go on and on! Today, make sure to look for the pink mag with an orange M on the cover! And here's a sneak peek about what juicy stories you'll find inside:

Justin & Selena: Dreams really do come true! Discover life inside Jelena's love bubble -- M gives you a glimpse into their oh-so-private relationship!

Katy Perry: Ugh! They made fun of my bra size! Katy spills all about her self-image issues as a teen and how she turned her negative attitude into confidence!

Guys get awkward: "Yep, we feel shy around girls!" Find out what makes Zac, Victorious' Avan, Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure's Austin, Disney's Prom's Nolan and Never Shout Never's Christofer nervous when it comes to love and girls -- they confess everything here!

How Miranda learned to like her hair: "I always wanted to be blonde" Ever felt like changing your hair? That's all Miranda could think about! Discover how brunette Mir finally felt confident with her own tresses and what advice she has just for YOU!

Girl talk with Tay: Who's really right for her? M counts down Tay's biggest heartbreaks and what went wrong. Plus, Taylor confesses to M why she thinks she hasn't found "Mr. Right" yet -- but why she's still hopeful to one day!

Quiz! Do You And Your BFF Have The Same Taste In Guys? Find out if you and your bestie will clash over the same crush in this super-revealing quiz!

Tons Of Prizes For You To Win! From Victorious' Avan Jogia's signed phone, to an adorable set of Hello Kitty Gear, to Miranda Cosgrove's signed journal, M has the coolest prizes just for you to win!

Plus, we've got a ton of posters and MEGAS for you -- including a MEGA of Justin telling the world that he loves YOU! So remember -- look for the brand new May issue of M! Make sure you come back here and tell us what you think!

XOXO, The M Editors

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