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The weather is starting to heat up, and so is the juicy gossip on all your fave stars! Luckily, M's got you covered --our April issue of M is on stands MONDAY and is jam-packed with tons of gos! We have exclusive Girl Talk confessions from your fave chicas! They spilled tons of their secrets on love, kissing, and crushing! M's also got the deets on why Twilight's Rob is like his Edward character to Taylor Lautner's love shocker! Plus, find out the one thing about girls that drives the Jonas Brothers crazy AND the 411 on the sleepover that changed Selena's life! Wowza! And that's just the beginning! Get insider secrets on the Hannah Montana movie, JONAS, and why Demi was afraid to be left out! And we have all the latest dish on The Sprouses, SeleNick (are they really over?!), JoMilla's date night and Taylor Swift! So look for the magazine with the bright yellow background and a pink flower M logo with the words, "Girl Talk!"

SIGNED MEGAS! M's got NOT ONE, BUT TWO TWILIGHT DOUBLE MEGAS, plus 6 INCREDIBLE COLLECTIBLE SIGNED MEGA posters, including a wall-worthy Taylor pin-up -- just for M girls! Swoon! We also have a Hannah Montana poster with Miley's fave moments from the movie! And a drool-worthy Jonas MEGA!

Girl Talk! Taylor Swift opens up about her guardian angel! The Secret Life's Shailene was called too skinny! Miley's gossip drama! The coolest celebs confide only to M about their secrets, hopes and fears! Plus, find out which rocking chica thinks she's totally like Twilight's Bella! Talk about major girl power!

We talk love with JB and get the scoop on what girls don't know about them! Only M can reveal the secrets behind what JB is really like behind closed doors! Find out the BIGGEST thing that drives them crazy about girls, how you can catch their eye, and if their songs are inspired by real girls in their life! The bros dish only to M about figuring out the girl brain! This is one JB feature every Jonas fan has to check out! Plus, enter to win JB's signed journal! OMJ!

Who Will You Marry? Is it a sweet guy like Jesse? A funny dude like Cole? Or a sporty boy like David? Only MM has the quiz where you can discover the dude you're destined to exchange "I do's" with!

Miley's Country Girl Confessions! Shh! Miley's telling only M the down-home deets about growing up in Tennessee! Just in time for the HM movie, find out why Mi's really missing her hometown and read her special message just to M girls. This is a must-read for every Miley fan! Plus, win a chance to go to the Hannah Montana movie premiere in LA!

Rob's Girl Trubs! "I Can't Get a Date!" Your fave Twilight hottie talks to M about his love probs! Rob's got it all -- except a girlfriend, and RPattz confides only to M about his single guy struggle! This is a Twilight must-read! Plus, M gives the Rob the ultimate Edward test to see if he's really anything like Edward! You have to read what we discovered!

Selena: "The Sleepover that Changed My Life!" Selena reveals exclusively to M her dreams that came true before she even fell asleep! Plus, only M has her slumber party must-haves AND a chance to win Selena's signed cell! Score!

The Secret Life's Shailene: "I Was a Choir Nerd!" You love watching Amy on The Secret Life of the American Teenager and only M has the secret deets on Shailene's struggles to fit in. She shares her own secret life and how she dealt with not being in the "in" crowd. Plus, we've got you Secret Life covered, with spoiler alerts and even a chance to talk to the real-life Ricky! That's right -- Daren Kagasoff wants to hear from one lucky M girl and you can ask him ANYTHING! Yowza!

Taylor Lautner: "I'm Not Allowed to Date!" Dating rules, cell phone privileges, and chores at home -- Taylor's been there! Only M can divulge the secrets on how Taylor survived strict parents. Plus, M has the deets on Taylor's top three girls and who he's crushing on! And that's not all! Get amazing 411 on the other Twilight boys!

AWESOME PRIZES! OMG - we have the most exciting contest ever! Say hello to Hollywood because in honor of the Hannah Montana movie premiere, one lucky M girl and her parent will win tickets to the red carpet premiere and after-party! YAY! Plus, call your friends on Selena's signed cell phone! Listen to your fave songs on Demi's signed iPod! Take pics on Debby's signed digi-cam! M's got the hottest and coolest prizes for M girls this month -- including a chance to win American Idol season finale tix, a lunch with David Henrie, Dylan and Cole's drawings, Selena's trendy bracelet, Debby's signed diary, Lucas Till's signed M and tons more! OMG! Win all these amazing prizes and SO many more!

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