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February 14 is right around the corner and we got the cutest celeb boys to spill all their Valentine's secrets in our jam-packed March issue of M! It's on stands MONDAY and filled with cute boy confessions - including juicy love secrets and their exclusive V-day wishes! We also have everything from the newest deets on the JB 3D movie to Taylor Lautner's guiltiest pleasures to how Selena gets glam for Nick! And that's just the beginning! Get insider secrets on The Secret Life of the American Teenager and find out Joe's biggest V-day wish! Plus, we have all the latest dish on Miley, the Sprouses, SeleNick, Zanessa (get a sneak peak at V's birthday date!), Demi and Taylor Swift! So look for the magazine with the cloud blue background and a bright pink M logo with the words, "Our Valentine's Secrets!"

SIGNED MEGAS! M's got 6 INCREDIBLE COLLECTIBLE SIGNED MEGA posters, including a super-special JoBro one with their personal V-day message - just to M girls! Swoon! And we have an incredible Twilight MEGA that totally deserves a spot on your wall! Not only that, but we have a wall-worthy Zac poster and 16 fortune telling cards! Your friends will be so jeal!

Twilight Confessions: "The Secret Bond We Share!" Rob spills to M the super-personal story behind his deep connection with Kristen and what really happened off-screen during filming! Plus, we have the best pics from our top favorite EdBella moments!

Girl Talk! Selena cried over a test! Miley shops when she's sad! Demi never had a Valentine! Your fave ladies spill secrets that only their BFFs knew - until now! They dish only to M on love, mean girls and not fitting in! Find out their most deepest secrets (like which Disney star cried in front of Nick Jonas)! Wowza!

Jonas Brothers Tell-All: "Our Dream Valentine's Date!" Only M can reveal the secrets behind what JB is wishing for this February 14! OMJ! The bros dish only to M about their perfect date, the sweetest thing they've done for love and LOTS more! This is one JB feature you totes have to check out!

Who's Your Secret Admirer? Is it a brainy boy like Zac? Or a sporty guy like Cody? Only M can reveal the hawtie who has googly eyes for you!

Miley's Struggle: "It's hard to be Hated On" M exclusively reveals Miley's inner-torment over nasty gossip. Only M has the inside story on what's really on Mi's mind and she confides in us her private struggle. Plus, we reveal of side of Miley that most fans don't ever see!

Selena Reveals: "There Were A Lot of Tears" Selena confides only to M about how divorce drama made her stronger. Her parent's split was rough, but find out how she was able to move on and she dishes her advice to other teens going through a family split. Plus, enter to win a voice message from Selena - only in M!

AWESOME PRIZES! Call your friends on Selena's signed cell phone! Write your deepest diary secret in JB's signed journal! Take pics with a signed Hannah Montana digi-cam! M's got the hottest and coolest prizes for M girls this month - including a chance to win American Idol season finale tix, JB's signed iPod, a lunch with David Henrie, Demi's signed camera, Debby Ryan's signed diary, a Hannah Montana guitar and tons more! OMG! Win all these amazing prizes and SO many more!

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