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Just in time for the summer, we've got all-new jam-packed issue of M coming your way and it's a can't-miss issue! The mag is filled with top secret celeb crush confessions, insider star scoop, and exclusive love secrets. Only M has everything from the girl Taylor Lautner can't forget to why Justin's looking for summer love. Plus, find out the reasons behind Jemi's split, the catfight that Selena can't forget, Miley's big changes, Nick's new girl, and why the Eclipse magic is still alive. Get this and so much more when the issue hits stands on MONDAY. Make sure to look for the magazine with the light pink heart background and the blue sparkly M and the words "Top Secret Crush Confessions!" Here's an exclusive sneak peek to what's inside:

Justin's looking for summer love! J-Biebs has been single for over a year, but the search for his soulmate is far from over! Only M has the inside dish straight from Justin on the kind of girl he's looking for. Plus, we decode his face and have a Truth or Rumor JB special! Is there a Justin Bieber/Jonas Brother feud? Find out here!

The girl Taylor can't forget! M uncovers a long lost love letter that Tay sent to a girl in his past - and you won't believe how swoon-worthy it is! Plus, find out why Taylor's protecting his heart now and who Tay's best girl friends think is the right GF for him.

The Eclipse magic is coming alive! Eclipse is the ultimate love story, so it's no wonder that everyone's feeling the power of love! Find out what makes Rob and Kristen's relationship work and why the rest of the cast is looking for love. Plus, just in time for the premiere, get juicy set secrets before you watch the flick!

Selena's struggle - it hurts to be called scary skinny! While some stars are called "fat", others are slammed for being "too skinny." Selena fights back and defends her body type. And get an inside look into what's inside her fridge! This is a must-read for any Sel fan.

Has Nick finally found "The One"? Nick and his JONAS co-star Nicole Anderson are closer than ever -- double dates, on-set giggles and obvious chemistry. After his Miley and Selena splits, has Nick finally found his perfect match? M investigates and sits down in an exclusive interview with Nick and Nicole to get the real scoop.

Quiz blow-out! Take all these quizzes!! How old will you be when you get married? Are you compatible with Justin? What do guys first notice about you? How psychic are you? What makes you a special friend? What summer song was just written for you?

Wow! Besides all this, get 6 signed MEGAs including 5 FREE JUSTIN BIEBER POSTERS. Remember, M is your # 1 source for everything Bieber - find out if you're compatible with Justin and what his hair REALLY feels like. And we have his handwritten note to YOU! And don't forget prizes - this issue is packed with over $5,000 WORTH OF PRIZES, including a flat screen TV, Selena's wardrobe, a phone call from Victoria, a $500 phone, Justin's signed journal, Shailene's signed iPod, and so much more. And we have your chance to win Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston TOUR TICKETS! That's right - we'll fly you out to NYC where you'll get to rock out all night to Bieber! WOW! So go pick up the July issue of M now and tell us what you think!

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