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Going back to school can be a drag, but just before you hit the books, treat yourself to the all-new celeb-packed Oct/Nov issue of M, it's on stands Monday and it's a can't-miss issue -- filled with the latest juicy star scoop. Find out everything from Justin's back-to-school blooper to Taylor Lautner's secret dates with Taylor Swift, plus get the 411 on Demi's jealousy drama with Joe. And that's not all! We have deets on Selena's secret song with Justin, why David Archuleta is still waiting for his first kiss and the latest on Breaking Dawn. So look for the magazine with the blue background and pink and black cheetah M with the words "Forbidden Love!"

Justin's Forbidden Love -- He tackles the rumors! If you're a Biebette, of course you're dying to know all about J-Bieb's love life! Here, Justin opens his heart and gives M Girls the TRUTH on what's really going on with his ex. Plus, find out the type of girl Justin is looking for!

Why Selena Needed A Change + Is Demi Jealous? Selena's had a summer away filming Monte Carlo in Europe, and M gets the scoop on how it changed Sel forever and what it taught her about friendship. This is one Sel feature you can't miss! Plus, find out if there's any hope for a Sel and Demi reunion.

Taylor Lautner: "My parents give me chores to do!" He may be famous and super-hot, but Tay deals with house rules, just like you! Here, find out what chores Taylor dreads the most and what keeps him down-to-earth in his Hollywood life!

Miley: "I Was So Frustrated, I Started to Cry!" Is Mi on the brink of walking away from stardom forever? In this M exclusive story, Miley confides to us about what's really going on, and why she's missing her old life Nashville like never before.

Demi: Her Biggest Regret When Demi fell for Joe on the Camp Rock 2 set, she never imagined her heart could hurt so much afte their split. Plus, M takes you on our exclusive day on the CR 2 set and gives you juicy secrets before you see the flick!

Taylor Swift: My Friends Turned On Me Left out of the cool cliques, Tay opens up about being on the outside and how she dealt with hallway horrors. Plus, get her school survival checklist!

Nick's Face Tell-All Take a look into Nick's soul - his lips, hair and face shape reveal so much!

Who is your love match? Find out in this super-revealing quiz! And we have 10 BONUS QUIZZES!

Awesome prizes and 6 signed MEGAS! Score 25 free posters and 6 GIANT MEGAS, including a back-to-school JB calendar, and the coolest prizes yet -- over $6,000 in free stuff! Win a Jonas Brother signed iPod, beauty and fashion goodies, Selena's signed beach bag, Get Taylor's signed journal, Justin Bieber's signed backpack, J-Bieb's tour tix, a gift bag worth $600 and tons more. Plus, only M has your chance to WIN A DATE WITH CODY SIMPSON! Swoon! So enter to win all this and get all the latest star scoop in M's Oct/Nov issue this Monday!

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