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Where can you find all the latest dish on the hottest stars RIGHT NOW? In the brand new June issue of M, of course! It hits stands on MONDAY and it's filled with all the latest juicy info on Justin Bieber, Jemi, Nick and Nicole, Taylor Lautner, Miley, Selena, Ke$ha and more! Gets deets on our exclusive pizza party with Justin, find out the real reason Selena and Nick broke up and why Miley's being called "too wild." Plus, we have the latest on Taylor Lautner's secret side, Eclipse juicy secrets, and why Victoria Justice stopped Tweeting Joe Jonas (is it because of Demi?!). So look for the magazine with the light green star background with the pink M and the words "Girl Talk"!

Justin's Puberty Nightmare: "My Voice is Changing!" Girls aren't the only ones dealing with teen probs -- Justin Bieber knows what it's like, too. Find out why fans are worried that Justin could lose his gift of song and how he's dealing with his voice changing. Plus, we have your chance to win Bieb's signed digi-frame! A must-read for any Biebette!

Cursed Love: Why Nick and Selena Split! It was the break-up that took everyone by surprise. Only M has the exclusive deets on what went wrong and why SeleNick's love burnt out too fast. And find out why Nicole Anderson and Nick got closer and how Selena felt about it.

Joe: I Love Demi Because She's Not Perfect! What's the secret that keeps Jemi strong? Learning that the best kind of love is totally unconditional! Only M has the inside story on how these two BFFs found unexpected love.

Taylor Lautner's Secret Side! Find out what Taylor's really like when the cameras turn off! Plus, check out pics from Tay's date with a FAN! And M uncovers what's really going on with Taylor and Taylor Swift - and what they're latest lunch date was all about!

Miley's Drama: They Thought I Was Too Wild! Miley's had to deal with people saying she was too crazy her whole life -- in fact, teachers mistook Miley's free spirit for a serious medical condition! Find out how Miley's dealing with all the misjudgment around her.

Taylor Swift Gets Personal: "My Best Friend Had Bulimia" In this eye-opening feature, Taylor opens up about the eye-opening moment that changed her life forever -- and how her friend's eating disorder inspired her to write a song.

Girl Talk! Debby's friends left her out! Selena's been hurt by a guy! Miranda didn't think her crush liked her! Your fave girls sit down with M to talk about their secrets, hopes and fears!

Quiz! What Do His Texts REALLY Mean? Don't stress over decoding your crush's texts! Just take this quiz to find out what's really trying to tell you!

AWESOME PRIZES AND MEGAS! Only M has the coolest prizes and SIGNED WALL-WORTHY MEGAS! Plus, we have 30+ posters and over $3,500 in prizes! Win a $400 phone, tons of signed Justin Bieber prizes, a flat screen TV, Victoria's signed digi-cam, Demi's signed camera, Jonas Brother signed journal, a $150 collectible Jacob doll, makeup sets from the Twilight beauty line and tons more! Wow!

So what are you waiting for you? Go pick up the June issue of M now and start reading!

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