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Just in time for the holidays, we've got the perfect stocking stuffer for you -- the new Jan/Feb issue of M, of course! Plus, we're celebrating our 10th Birthday so it's a collectors issue for M girls ONLY! To celebrate, M bringing you the latest gossip about your fave stars, the COOLEST prizes ever (tickets to Justin's 3D movie and a chance to win his SIGNED digital camera!), free posters, and exclusive star scoop. Find out deets on Taylor Lautner's first kiss, Justin's homework headache, why Joe risked it all for Ashley Greene and how Selena reached out to Demi. Plus, we've got your first look at Cody Simpson without braces and new Breaking Dawn pictures! So look for the magazine with the light pink heart background and purple M with the words "Truth or Dare Secrets!" Here's a sneak peek of what's inside:

Justin's Homework Headache: "I Drift Off!" Sure, J-Biebs is a superstar, but he still has to hit the books! Find out why Justin is stressing with schoolwork and also get the REAL story behind his new song "Pray!" Plus, only here can you win a JUSTIN PRIZE PACK, including "Never Say Never" movie tix, signed JB dolls and his signed digi-cam.

Truth or Dare Tell-All: Justin & Selena Answer Your Love Questions! Ever wish you could sit down and chat with Justin and Selena? M has your chance! In this juicy must-read, Justin and Selena don't hold back -- and spill all their love secrets!

Is Miley Being Forced to Take Sides? Shattered by her parent's divorce, Mi is caught in the middle of her mom and dad's drama. Find out how Mi is dealing -- and why J-Biebs is actually the one person helping her though the drama!

Taylor's First Kiss Deets: "It Was in Junior High" It's practically every girl's dream to smooch Taylor Lautner, and M has the sweet story of the special girl who Tay kissed for the first time! Plus, find out what Tay REALLY wants in a GF and get juicy set scoop -- straight from the Breaking Dawn filming!

Sunshine After the Storm: What's next for Demi? The big question on everyone's mind right now...how IS Demi doing? M has your latest update, filled with exclusive quotes from Dem, the people in her life that she's leaning on and what the future holds for one of our fave girls. A must-read for any Dem fan!

Taylor Swift: Why Daring to Be Different Paid Off! Growing up, Tay has always been a little different than her classmates. Find out how Tay turned that uniqueness into something special that makes her shine today! Plus, get the 411 on Tay and Selena's recent GNO!

Quiz! How well do you know your friends? Find out in this super-revealing quiz!

Over $4,000 in Prizes! You won't believe our prize blow-out! Win a date with Big Time Rush! Win trip to LA for a a shopping spree with Bella Thorne! Win a Jonas Brothers' signed text messenger! Win a Xbox Kinect game system! Win Selena's signed bag! Win Taylor's signed guitar and signed CDs! Plus, TONS more!! M is your only place to win!

Plus, we've got 6 incredible MEGAs, including a Justin and Taylor Lautner collage that needs to be on your wall NOW! So make sure you pick up the Jan/Feb issue on MONDAY! Make sure you come back here and tell us what you loved!

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