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Hey M Girls!

The wait is finally over -- your brand new September issue of M is hitting stands THIS Monday, August 29! We've got tons of tips on how to rule your school this year and surprising back-to-class stories from the stars! Find out why Justin was the junior high outcast, who crushed Taylor Swift's confidence, why Taylor Lautner can't stop smiling, AND SO MUCH MORE! Plus, as an extra-special BONUS for M Girls only, we're giving you a sweet cupcake necklace to celebrate the new school year!! And we have tons of other cool prizes just for you -- a new flat screen TV, The Band Perry's signed guitar, Justin Bieber's school supplies, a $100 JCPenney giftcard... We could go on and on! So after this weekend, make sure you look for the blue mag with the hot pink M on the cover! And here's a sneak peek of what you'll find inside:

Justin's Secret Pain: "I Only Had Two Friends in School" Find out why JB wasn't Mr. Popular in junior high, and why he now feels lucky he didn't have a ton of buds.

Taylor Swift: "I'll Never Change For a Guy Again" Discover Taylor's secret pain after she tried to impress a boy by not staying true to herself. Plus, get the newest deets on Owl City singer Adam Young's special crush connection with Tay!

Big Time Rush's Secret Date Deets! These cuties told M all about their first date styles and if they'd ever date a fan!

Demi's Biggest Regret: "I Became a Little Brat!" Thinking back to the last year, Demi Lovato can't believe how much her attitude has changed. Find out what she discovered about herself during her troubling time and why "Skyscraper" is such a special anthem to her.

Victoria & Avan: Girl Talk/Boy Talk Victorious' Vic and Avan sent M their personal email convo filled with answers to the biggest relationship questions out there! Plus, Victoria tells M about her all-time fave memory with BFF Avan!

Quiz! Who's Your Back-to-School Boy? Discover if you'll fall for a jock or a shy guy this new school year!

Tons of Prizes For You to Win! We have five copies of the Prom DVD, Joe Jonas' signed CD, a Shake it Up inspired D-Signed wardrobe, a Hello Kitty makeup bag signed by Debby Ryan, a phone call from Scotty McCreery, AND MORE to give away!

And, of course, we have tons of awesome posters and MEGAS! So remember -- on Monday, August 29, look for the brand new September issue of M! And come back here to tell us what you like about the new issue! Plus, follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/m_magazine)!

XOXO, The M Editors

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