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The fall weather may be cooling down, but the celeb gossip is hotter than EVER! We have all the juicy 411 in our jam-packed October/November issue of M that hits stands on MONDAY -- this is one issue that you just can't miss! It's filled with New Moon secrets, Kevin's wedding drama, Miley's tour trauma, plus the first love that changed Selena's life! And that's not all! M's got major Justin Bieber fever over here and only we have the deets on who this new hottie's perfect girl is! Here's an exclusive look peak into the issue:

Inside Demi & Selena's Slumber Party! Pillow fights, girl talk, truth or dare -- this is one sleepover you don't want to miss! BFFs Demi and Selena are having an ultra-private chat fest -- and you're invited!

Kevin's Wedding Drama! As Kevin gears up for the wedding of the year, major drama-rama is happening! Can his brothers step in and save the day? Find out in our can't miss JB feature! Plus, we have your chance to win JB's signed video camera! OMJ!

Rob doesn't think he's attractive! In one of the most revealing Rob features ever, RPattz confesses his secret struggle to feel good in his own skin! Find out why Rob's heart has been through a lot of pain and play our super-fun Rob trivia slumber party game! Take the test to see if you're a true Rob-sessed fan!

Taylor's Teacher Tell-All! Ever dream about having cutie Taylor Lautner as your classmate? M's taking you there! Taylor's 7th grade World History teacher, Mr. Powell, calls up to M's to dish what Taylor was REALLY like as a student! This is the ultimate must-read for any fan -- we've got the inside dish that you won't find anywhere else!

Miley still doesn't feel like she fits in! Miley's been super-emotional on tour and even though she may seem like a Hollywood insider, but that couldn't be further from the truth! Discover how Mi's dealing with haters and who she calls her "rock"!

Twilight Collectible! We've got the top 15 New Moon facts that every Twi-hard fan NEEDS to know! Plus, check out fresh pix from New Moon that will make you drool!

Inside a celeb's bedroom! Peek into Taylor Swift's personal space and get great ideas for your own room in this awesome feature! Plus, we have DIY tips and your chance to win gift cards to redecorate your own room!

Quiz time! How does your crush REALLY see you? Take this revealing quiz to find out how your crush truly feels about you!

As if all that wasn't enough, we've also got 6 incredible SIGNED MEGAS, including a Rob one that NEEDS to be on your wall and a Vampire Diaries collectible collage! Plus, get 8 amazing locker posters to hang up! With awesome new features like School Survival Secrets, BFF Booklet, Pet Power, Lovin' Your Bod, Insta-Inspiration, this is one can't- miss issue! And only we have the coolest prizes around -- enter to win Miley's signed iPod, Selena's signed digi-cam, Demi's signed diary, Ashley's signed iDog, and Keke's sidekick! And we have a Twilight prize BLOWOUT: Kellan's signed DVD player, Ashley Greene's signed diary, a voice message from a Twi-guy AND win Bella and Edward Barbie dolls! Wowza! So look for the magazine with the pink background and the yellow flower M with the words "OMG! Drama Rama!!"

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