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OMG - summer's almost here and the gossip is hotter than EVER! And only M's got the latest star scoop in our celeb-filled May issue of M! It's on stands NOW and this is one issue you can't miss! M has the most super-personal 411 from the stars -- they confide their deepest insecurities and how they struggled to fit in! We have everything from Rob's shy-guy struggle to why Taylor Lautner is battling nerves to Miley's mean girl mess. Plus, go on a spring baseball date with the JoBros and find out the insider info on Nick's texts to Miley! Yowza! And that's not all! Discover why Selena was picked on, get an exclusive look at Jennifer Stone's Sweet 16 party, find out why Taylor Swift still believes in fairy tale love and see what's next for The Secret Life of the American Teenager crew! And we have the latest dish on Zac, David Archuleta, Keke Palmer, the Twilight gang, and The Sprouses! So look for the magazine with the teal background with the hot pink M logo with the words, "I didn't fit in!"


M's got AN INCREDIBLE ROB PATTINSON MEGA, plus FIVE OTHER AMAZING COLLECTIBLE SIGNED MEGA posters, including a wall-worthy Taylor Lautner one, where he's looking H-A-W-T --just for M girls! Swoon! We also have a super-fun signed Jonas Brothers one that is a must-have for true JB fans! And as if that wasn't enough, we have a kewl Zac one and a super-fun Miley MEGA! Plus, decorate your locker or treat your friends to awesome Crush Card posters of the HOTTEST guys! Score!

"I Didn't Fit In!"

Keke hated her knees! Taylor Swift calls her glasses "ugly!" Taylor Lautner battles butterflies! Your fave celebs have a real heart-to-heart with M and reveal their secret struggles most fans don't know about! Plus, find out which Jonas Brother had major pimple problems. These are interview with the stars that you won't find anywhere else!

Miley's Biggest Fear: "I Hate Being Alone in the Dark!"

Behind Miley's confident exterior, she's fighting not to freak out! M can exclusively reveal why Miley leaves the lights on in her bedroom all night long. Plus, M shows you how to throw a slumber party like Miley and you have a chance to win Mi's signed slumber party tote bag!

Your Baseball Date With Joe, Nick and Kevin!

OMJ! Take a seat on the bleachers and grab a hot dog - here comes Team JB! M has the best pics of the JoBros on the baseball field! Plus, only M can reveal what a spring date with the boys would really be like and what's Joe's dream spring kiss! Aww! And, find out JB's spring must-haves! This is one JB feature you totes have to read! That's not all - enter to win JB's signed journal!

Taylor's Delicious Deets!

Shh! Twilight's Taylor takes a bite and dishes his deepest secrets! Find out Tay's vital stats and love secrets - in Taylor's own words!

The Real Rob: "Meet the Shy Guy Behind the Hot Smile!"

This is the most up close and personal you'll ever get to Rob! Only M can reveal RPattz's shocking insecurities and his secret embarrassment. Psst! Also find out inside deets about Rob's past that you've never heard before! Plus, we catch Rob's lonely life on camera. OMG!

Selena: "Why I Wanted a Major Makeover!"

Selena exclusively reveals to M the REAL reasons she switched her signature look! Plus, only M has Sel's hair evolution, from then to now, and a chance to win her signed digi-frame! Awesome!

Quiz: What's Your Personality Type?

Are you a fearless female? A stylish sweetie? Or a rebel with a big heart? Only M has the quiz that will leave you totally shocked by what simple Qs reveal about YOU!


With over $3,500 WORTH OF INCREDIBLE PRIZES, this is M's most jam-packed prize issue EVER! Take pics on JB's signed digi-cam! Own Selena's signed digi-frame! Listen to your fave songs on Demi's signed iPod! Win Debby Ryan's signed digi-cam! Only M's got the hottest and coolest prizes for M girls this month - including a chance to win American Idol season finale tix, Jennifer Stone's Sweet 16 gift bag, a phone call from Secret Life's Daren, collectible Twilight dolls and I love Edward T-shirts! OMG! Win all these amazing prizes and TONS more!


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