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Happy Holidays from the M staff! Winter break is all about relaxing, sitting by the fire and sharing gifts, and we've got the perf present for you -- your brand new January/February issue of M is on stands now! We're saying hello to 2012 with a new year of excitement and drama! Find out all the new deets on Jelena's sweet date night, the hotties of One Direction (Victoria J is crushing!), if Frenemies' Bella and Zendaya are drifting apart, how the stars found fame, which rumors have been breaking Taylor Lautner's heart, if Demi Lovato's writing a book, AND SO MUCH MORE! Plus, we have tons of great prizes just for you -- a date with Cody Simpson, gaming systems like a Wii and Xbox, an entire nail polish collection...We could go on and on! So, make sure to look for the hot pink M on the dreamy cloud background with the worlds "New Year, New Drama!" And here's a sneak peek of what you'll find inside:

Justin Goes Back To His Roots: His Life-Changing Gift! Justin may have a special Christmas this year, but he wasn't always so lucky. Find out why he made a huge donation to the Stratford House of Blessing -- a place close to his heart. Plus, find out if fame has changed Justin -- every Biebette will want to read this one!

Taylor Swift's Emotional Tell-All: "My Grandma, My Angel!" When Tay was growing up, there was one very influential person who inspired her to become a singer -- her grandma! For the first time, you'll have the sweet scoop about her "guardian angel" and why Tay cares about their close connection -- only in M!

Cody Simpson's First Date Jitters: "Of Course I Get Nervous on Dates!" It may seem like Cody is filled with so much swag that he never gets shy in front of a crush -- but that's totally not the case! Discover how he deals with nerve-wracking dates and what special place he'd like to take a girl to hang out. He'll make you swoon!

Selena Gomez Confesses: "The Fans Who Touch My Heart!" In this heartwarming story, you'll see a side of Selena you've never seen before. Find out why this big-hearted star is even sweeter than you think! Plus, get the scoop on Sel's two new flicks!

Big Time Rush's James Tells M: "I Was In a Life-Threatening Car Accident!" Only M has the emotional memory from James Maslow, who broke his neck, back and skull in a horrific crash when he was growing up. Get the rest of the shocking deets, PLUS how James fearlessly got back on his feet -- it's an inspiring story you won't forget!

Quiz! Which Reality Show Should You Star In? Do you ever feel like you could totally keep up with the Kardashians? Have you ever wanted to try out for a talent competition? Find your reality show calling -- only in M!

Fun Stuff & Prize Blow-out! We have a signed cell phone signed by Big Time Rush, Justin Bieber's singing doll and his Rockin' Tour Bus, Paul Frank luggage, a Bath and Body Works beauty bundle, AND SO MUCH MORE! Plus, winter break is looking super-sweet to us! We've got deets on how to throw the best NYE party, your 2012 beauty guide, cool recipes and crafts, and the funniest "How Humiliating" stories EVER!

And of course, we have tons of awesome posters like a cool One Direction collectible and wall-worthy MEGAS, including a super-cute Justin Bieber one and a Breaking Dawn calendar that you'll want to hang up right away! So remember to look for the brand new January/February issue of M on stands now! Then, come back here to tell us what you like about the new issue! And follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/m_magazine).

XOXO, The M Editors

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