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We can't hold it in any longer -- the brand new March issue of M is on stands now and it's filled with the biggest contests EVER -- Big Time Rush and One Direction tickets, win a date with Cody Simpson, Breaking Dawn: Part 1 on DVD, and more! Plus, with Valentine's Day just around the corner, we've got dating tips from the stars and their personal crush confessions, too! Find out if Justin is writing a song for Selena, what Selena's secret Valentine's wish is, the craziest things the boys of Big Time Rush have done for love, why Bella's hanging with her girls on V-Day, what happened at Victoria's very first dance, what's in the stars for your love life, AND SO MUCH MORE! Plus, we have all the deets on Demi's dramz with Shake It Up, if Taylor Swift dissed Miley, what's going on with Glee's Cory and Lea in real life, and even more star scoop -- you won't want to miss this one! So, make sure to look for the hot pink M and the words "Crush Confessions!" on the purple-ish background. Here's a sneak peek of what you'll find inside the March issue:

How Justin's Heart of Gold Saved Selena! When Selena and her fam were going through an emotional time recently, Justin proved that he was her knight in shining armor. Read about his sweet gestures and what keeps them close. And speaking of sweet, we have new pics of JB as a baby in our special Bieber family album -- sooo cute!

Taylor Swift: "I Don't Want To Grow Up!" Even though it seems like T. Swift has it all, the biggest thing she really wants is to just be a kid again! Find out how she feels about getting older and what she still likes to do to have fun. Plus, does Tay have a new BF to write songs about? Pick up the issue for the latest 411!

Selena's Confession: "My Hair Is Fake!" Wanna know the real Selena? We've got it here! Find out exactly how long it takes Selena to get ready every day, and how she deals with the pressure to be perfect -- including rockin' fake hair. M has Sel's down-to-earth beauty secrets!

One Direction Confesses: "What We Each Look For In a Girl!" Only M has these exclusive love deets from all five 1D cuties -- discover their secret soft sides AND which sweetie is right for you! Every One Directioner will want to read this one!

Ariana's First Kiss Catastrophe! "Everyone Was Watching!" When M recently met up with Ariana, she told us about her first kiss and why it was totally LOL-worthy! Get all the hilarious details, including how her family members reacted when they saw the whole thing -- yikes!

Quiz! How Flirty Are You? Do you play it cool or are you boy-crazy? Find out what vibes you send out around your crush -- only in M! Plus, we have super-revealing quizzes like "Why Do You Rock?" and "What's Your Facebook Friendship Style?" -- perfect to take at a sleepover!

Fun Stuff & Prize Blow-out! We have Bella and Zendaya's signed diary, BTR & 1D tour tickets, signed Cody Simpson dolls, over $100 worth of lip glosses, a Wii game bundle, two trendy bags, and so much more to give away! Plus, we have ALL the Hunger Games scoop from Liam Hemsworth, BTR's tour scrapbook, deets on why sports have changed the lives of some of our fave celebs, M exclusive journal entries from Bella about raising her kittens, the best party tips for Valentine's Day, and readers' stories about meeting their favorite stars!

And, of course, we have tons of awesome posters like a Pretty Little Liars collectible and wall-worthy MEGAS, including our first 1D MEGA and a dreamy one of JB that you'll want to add to your bedroom wall ASAP!

So remember to look for the brand new March issue of M, on stands now! Plus, come back here to tell us what you think after picking it up! And follow us on Twitter (

XOXO, The M Editors

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