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Beat the back-to-school blues with our awesome September issue! It hits stands on Monday and it's filled with everything 1D. You won't be able to put down our four-page 1D special section, including an exclusive interview with Liam Payne, a quiz for true fans ONLY and so much more! Plus, we share Justin Bieber's super-emotional experience with heartbreak, an inside look at Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift's close BFF relationship, a special message to M Girls from Cody Simpson, and the truth about what happened between Robsten. But that's not all! We've got the juiciest school stories like Big Time Rush's major crush confessions, celebs' biggest school nightmares, and a 10-page BTS special bursting with class survival tips, locker craft ideas and MUCH MORE! And only M's sending you back to school in style this year - we're giving away over $3,000 in star swag! So, be sure to make the grade and look for the neon pink M with the words "Rule Your School" on the yellow background! Here's what you'll find inside:

M's Exclusive Interview with Liam Payne: "The Secret 1D Love Song You'll Only Read About In M!" Plus, A Quiz For True Directioners Only!

1D's Liam recently called us up for a super-revealing chat sesh where he spilled the beans about a brand new tune that's close to One Direction's hearts -- a swoon-worthy love song! But that's not all! Only the biggest.fans.ever can take a stab at our 1D current events quiz -- do you have what it takes? Find out only in M!

Selena's Popularity Prob: "I Still Don't Get Invited To Parties!"

She may be America's sweetheart, but Selena Gomez still struggles with feeling left out sometimes. M has the scoop on who's excluding Selena, why it's reminding her of her painful past and how she rises above it all!

Justin's Experience With Tragedy: "I Pray For My Family Every Day!"

Even though he always has a smile on his face, the past few months have been some of the hardest in Justin's life. When he tragically lost a dear friend in an accident, there was just one thing he could think to do: Pray. Learn all about his inspiring and super-sad struggle only in our September issue.

Austin Mahone's School Shocker: "Bullies Told Me I Sucked!"

It's hard to imagine anyone disliking Austin's music, but growing up, he dealt with harsh haters all the time. When Austin came to chill at the M offices not too long ago, he opened up to us about the taunting that still haunts him to this day. Read all about his daily hallway horror and how he bounced back, stronger than ever!

How Selena Helped Taylor Smile Again!

When Taylor Swift was in a serious funk recently, only one person could step in and save the day -- her BFF Selena. Find out all about Tay Tay's tough times and how Selena helped her find happiness with some bestie bonding!

Quizzes & Games!

You can always count on M for jam-packed fun! Find out why Justin will notice you on tour, how you should pose on picture day and what your future job will be! Plus, pick up a pen and give our monthly celeb crossword a try -- you won't find a puzzle like ours in any other teen mag!

And, of course, we have M-Azing posters, including h-o-t, HOT locker posters of all four Big Time Rush guys, a cool 1D book cover and can't-miss MEGAS of Justin, One Direction, Ariana, Taylor, Selena and more!

So remember to look for the brand new September issue of M, on stands NOW! Plus, check out our website www.mmm-mag.com to tell us what you like about the new issue! And follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/m_magazine).


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