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Calling all the Directioners! We've got your chance to hang with Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis during a super-personal hang sesh -- the deets are all inside our brand new April issue. Besides that cool contest, we've got your chance to host a Hunger Games party at the movies with 10 friends, win a brand new TV, win Ariana's signed diary, and more! Plus, we have all the latest dish on your fave stars! Find out what it's like to kiss Justin, when the coolest celebs like Selena and Taylor Swift have felt like big dorks, if One Direction and BTR are fighting on tour, how Jason Derulo is staying positive after his neck injury, scary deets on the boating accident that haunts BTR's Logan, which girl Cody keeps thinking about, score 25 Hunger Games secrets, AND SO MUCH MORE! So, make sure to look for the hot pink M with the words, "I was such a dork!" on the yellow background of M's new issue on stands. Here's a sneak peek of what you'll find in the April mag:

Why Justin's So Scared of Losing His Fans: "I Love My Beliebers!" After heartbreaking rumors that Justin's a "fake," JB sets the record straight and wants his fans to know how much they touch his heart and keep him going. Beliebers, this is a letter to you!

One Direction Exclusive: Our Best & Worst Dates Ever! Only M sat down with the guys to score juicy deets on their romantic hits and misses! Find out who hates movie dates, who asked a girl out 22 times, and so much more! Plus, discover what each 1D hottie looks for in a girl -- they could be looking for YOU!

Cody On His #1 Fan: "I'll Never Forget Sabrina" When Cody received tons of letters from students telling him that their classmate, Sabrina, who's a big fan of him, was recently diagnosed with cancer, he knew he needed to do something special for her. Find out how he surprised her and why it meant so much to him. Plus, M introduces you to Jake Thrupp -- Cody's best friend!

Taylor Swift Opens Up: "Fans Tell Me Their Boy Problems!" Singer, trend-setter, therapist? Tay spills the craziest things fans have told her about their love lives and what advice she has for anyone who's dealing with boy dramz. Dr. Swift is in the house!

BTR's Logan's Heart-to-Heart: "My Boating Accident Still Haunts Me!" For the first time ever, BTR's Logan opens up about the boat accident that he'll never forget. Plus, M has all the deets from Logan on BTR's upcoming Big Time Movie -- every Rusher needs to read the scoop!

Cool Quizzes! Are You Too Stressed About Boys? Find out if you're laid-back in love or if you're totally boy crazy! And that's not all -- M has even more revealing quizzes for you and your besties to take like "Which Hunger Games Book Are You," "Which Star Family Do You Belong In?" and "What's Your Spring Soundtrack?" You might be surprised!

Fun Stuff & Prize Blow-out! Get ready -- we have a Hello Kitty popcorn machine for your very own at-home movie nights, a Keratin straightener, a light-up skateboard, and so much more to give away! Plus, we have all the info on Taylor Lautner hanging out with his ex, the big reveal of M girls' fave celeb, Debby Ryan's sweet bond with her pet bunny, a flashback of crazy Kids' Choice Awards Moments, Cody Simpson's little sis, Alli, spilling what it's like to have a famous bro, and stars' sweet random acts of kindness!

And, of course, we've got tons of amazing posters like a Big Time Rush must-have and super-cool MEGAS, including a Justin Bieber pic that's perfect for your wall!

So remember to look for the brand new April issue of M, on stands now! Then, come back here and tell us what you think! And follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/m_magazine).

XOXO, The M Editors

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