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Where can you find the latest on Hollywood's hottest gossip? In our jam-packed April issue of M, of course! It's on stands TODAY and it's a total can't-miss issue. It's filled with stars' back-stabbing drama and juicy secrets! We have everything from Demi and Selena's BFF break-up (and how Justin Bieber is helping Sel deal!) to the fire that almost killed Taylor Lautner! Plus, get insider secrets on Miley's new love, Joe's re-connection with Taylor Swift, Nick's "Stay" plea to Selena, Victoria Justice's BFF heartbreak and how the stars found fame! That's not all! We visit Justin's "One Less Lonely Girl" music video and get exclusive JBiebs scoop you won't find anywhere else! So look for the magazine with the sky blue background and purple Cheetah M logo with the words "Back-Stabbing Drama!"

Selena & Justin's Secret Connection!

Find out why JBiebs has been Selena's support system and how their new friendship helps the two battle drama...together! Plus, can he help get her back to being buds with Dem? We have all of the scoop!

What it Was Like to Date Taylor Lautner...and Lose Him

Taylor Swift has it all - success, dependable friends and the life she dreamed of. But after breaking up with the hottest guy in Hollywood, Taylor Lautner, she's having a tough time filling that empty hole in her heart. Find out why Tay L rocked as a boyfriend and what Taylor S will miss the most about him. Plus, could these two ever get back together? This is can't miss story for any Tay-Tay fans!

Why Nick Needs Selena Back in His Life

Big changes mean big drama for Nick - and Selena is the only one who understands! Last month, M was the first to report on how "Rose Garden" helped bring Selena back, and now we have any more juicy deets on their reunion - find out the new song Nick wrote for her that left her in tears and how Nick REALLY feels about Sel.

The day Taylor Lautner Almost Lost Everything! "The Police Called - Our House Burned Down!" M has the untold story of Taylor's scariest moment in his life and how people in his life rallied around him. Find out the day we almost lost Tay - and how that's affected him now.

Miley Hemsworth? Has She Finally Found "The One?" Sparks flew when Miley and Liam met on The Last Song set, and seven months later they're still going strong! We have insider dish on why Miley's head over heels for Liam and what's next for these two.

Surviving Back-Stabbers! In Hollywood High, the one thing not missing is major BFF drama. M breaks down the biggest fights that are happening RIGHT NOW and you vote on who's at fault! Plus, can these friendships be saved? We have a heart-to-heart with the stars to find out!

Logan Lerman's Secret Loves! You voted him the breakout star of 2010 and now this Percy Jackson hottie exclusively spills to M his deep-down deets! Find out who his dream girl is and what makes him tense up around girls!

Justin's "One Less Lonely Girl" Insider Scoop! Our set insider gave us all the behind-the-scenes video secrets - including what JBiebs munched on, who visited him during the shoot and the puppy blooper that didn't make it into the vid! LOL!

Free Eclipse Game! Help Edward & Jacob Save Bella! Grab your buds and a dice and play this action-packed board game you won't find anywhere else! The first person to reach Bella wins!

Quiz! Are You Nicer to Your Friends Than Yourself? Find out in this super-revealing quiz!

PRIZES AND MEGAS! We have 6 amazing wall-worthy SIGNED MEGAS (including an incredible Justin Bieber one!), plus the coolest prizes you won't find anywhere else! Call your buds on Jonas Brother's signed cell phone, win Selena's signed picture frame, score a shopping spree to Hot Topic and more! Plus, WE HAVE YOUR CHANCE TO MEET JUSTIN BIEBER IN PERSON BACKSTAGE AT ONE OF HIS CONCERTS! If that's not enough, win Sterling's signed iPod, American Idol finale tix, New Balance Sneakers, Bieb's signed cell phone, a Jacob doll and Shailene's signed video camera! Wowza!

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