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As the spring weather heats up, so does the juicy gossip, so let's get right to it! Our jam-packed May issue hits stands TODAY and it's filled with the latest on Jemi, Bieber's love life (is he REALLY single?!) and what went wrong with SeleNick. Plus, we got the stars to open up about their dorkiest days and how they survived! We have everything from Miley and Liam's trouble in paradise to another catfight for Selena and Dem. Find out why Taylor is still searching for the one and score Eclipse script secrets! Plus, we uncover the real Ke$ha and her secret insecurities. So look for the magazine with the aqua blue background and the pink sparkly M logo with the words "Surviving My Dorkiest Days!"

What's keeping Justin up at night? Justin has a lot on his mind these days -- dealing with online haters, missing his family back at home and looking for his perfect girl. He opens up to M decodes about what's really on his mind. Plus, find out what he prays most about!

Selena swore she'd never change for a guy -- but did she? Selena has told M in the past that she'll never, ever change for a guy again, but when Nick came back into her life, did Sel lose touch of who she is? Only M investigates Selena's struggle to be in her own skin and how that affected love with Nick. Plus, gets the deets on Jemi's hot hookup and how Demi and Joe got way close!

Taylor S takes the M quiz! My Secret Guilty Pleasures! Who would Tay love to go on a date with? How old was she when she had her first kiss? Find out these juicy Tay secrets and tons more in this revealing quiz!

The power of friendship! Is the drama finally over for Demi and Selena? Everyone's talking about Selena and Demi's BFF break-up and only M has the scoop on if they can make up for good! We take a look back on Selemi through the years and if Demi's new BF, Joe, can help re-kindle Sel and Demi's friendship!

Why Miley's really saying goodbye to Hannah Montana! The new shocked fans...Hannah would be officially ending this summer. Miley tells M the real reason behind the tough decision and what's next for Mi!

Taylor's love struggles! Why he's still searching for the one! Taylor's one of the hottest guys in Hollywood but sometimes has the most lonely of nights! Find out why Tay's heart is hurting and the empty hole he can't seem to fill. Plus, we got a hold of the Eclipse script and we break down what's changing in the movie! Find out if any of your fave scenes from the book will be missing!

Nick opens his heart -- and his life has changed forever! Sure, Nick felt close to fans while being a JoBro, but the second he went solo with his new CD, fans got to see a whole new side of Nick! Discover what really changed in Nick and why he's experiencing a new side of confidence! Plus, we have your chance to win a Jonas Brother signed diary!

Stars spill: "Surviving My Dorkiest Days!" Kellan hated his lips; Lady Gaga felt like a freak; Sterling spills he was a total dork. M gets super-personal with these stars and tons more about their most horrifying moments in the hallway and how they tried to deal with their insecurities. Plus, you won't believe the old school pics we're sharing -- only with you!

Quiz! Who will be your true love? Find out who your soulmate really is with this super-revealing quiz!

Prizes and MEGAS! We've got 6 awesome MEGAS (including a super-hot Justin one and a JEMI one!), plus the coolest prizes you won't find anywhere else! M has your chance to meet Justin IN PERSON, win Selena's signed frame, a new $150 Jacob doll, a signed prop from Justin and Sean Kingston's "Eenie Meenie" music vid, Sterling's signed iPod, Shailene's signed video camera, Demi's signed digi cam and tons more! Wow!

Get all this and even more when you get the May issue of M TODAY! Then, make sure to come back here and tell us what you think!

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