M's New Issue On Stands TODAY!! Score Justin's signed digi-cam!


Hey M Girls!

It's that special time of the month again -- your new April issue of M hits stands TODAY! This mag is filled with hot secrets from your fave stars! Find out all the deets on Jelena's special dates and top-secret texts, how Ashley Tisdale is trying to save "Zanessa," if Demi and Selena can put the past behind them, how Taylor Swift is dealing with a boyfriend stealer, what made Victoria Justice cry in her mom's arms, and get an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek into Cody Simpson's crib! Plus, we've got prizes that will blow your mind -- Justin's signed digi-cam, a BlackBerry, your chance to win a dress and accessories, and tons more! So be on the look-out for the blue mag with a pink M on the cover with the words "I felt like such a dork!"

Here's a peek at the stories you'll be dying to read:

Justin's stress mess: "I get pushed too hard" With JB's busy schedule, it's no wonder he feels overwhelmed at times! Discover how he finds balance in his new life, plus hear about the big hair changes for Justin!

Taylor Swift's torment: NOT letting that "perfect girl" get to her anymore! Taylor spills on how she deals with the "other girl" who goes after her ex-boyfriends! And check out our exclusive pics from when we got to chill with Tay on her cruise!

Surviving school drama: Locker Talk with Victoria Victoria Justice didn't always feel like such a star. Find out what event at school still haunts her to this day!

Cody Simpson -- Inside his crib! Check out M's exclusive hang sesh at Cody's place as he got ready for his 14th birthday party!

The Pretty Little Liars' girls love their bodies: "No one's going to tell me not to eat!" Lucy, Ashley, Shay and Troian spill to M=M why it's important for all M girls to feel comfortable in their own skin! Plus, we've got PLL finale secrets!

M asks Taylor Lautner: What story would your mom tell us about you? "I was a biter at daycare" Taylor's used to his mom telling funny stories about him, but now he's spilling his hilarious childhood memories!

Quiz! Why Are You The Glue That Holds Your Clique Together? Discover how you keep your BFFs so tight!

Tons Of Prizes For You To Win! M has your chance to win a shopping spree with Bella Thorne, Minute To Win It DS and Wii games, a Victoria Justice signed journal, a copy of Big Time Rush: Season One, Volume One, a pair of Cody's signed Pastry sneakers, and MORE!

Plus, we've got plenty of posters and MEGAS for you to enjoy (including a HOT Justin one for all Biebettes!)! So remember -- look for the brand new April issue of M TODAY! Make sure you come back here to tell us what you think!

XOXO, The M Editors

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