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With the holidays right around the corner, M's got the perfect gift for YOU -- the jam-packed December issue of M, of course! We have all the juicy gossip on the hottest celebs RIGHT NOW in this can't-miss issue! It hits stands on Monday and it's filled with tons of New Moon scoop, prizes and collectibles, Taylor and Taylor 411, Justin Bieber love deets and Selena's BIG boy blooper! Here's an exclusive peak into the issue:

Find out how a simple act of kindness healed Selena's heart! Selena's is more than the Hollywood starlet we all know and love - recently, she sat down with M to spill how one trip to Africa changed everything in her life! This is must-read for any Selena fan!

Kristen and Taylor open up about their unbreakable bond! You know these two New Moon stars aren't dating in real life, but wow, do they have chemistry! Kris and Taylor talk about their deepening friendship and the play fights, laughs and the secrets they share in this ultra-revealing feature! Wowza!

How Miley saved a fan's life...and her own! It's been a tough year for Miley - breakups, rumors and dealing with online haters, but Miley was able to give her a soul a makeover, thanks to fans who change her life. Get ready to see Miley in a light you've never seen before!

Justin Bieber's on the search for his GF -- could it be YOU? If you've got Bieber Fever, then this is one story you can't miss! Only M has the juicy gos on Bieb's dream date and the key to unlocking his heart! Plus, we have your chance to win his signed iPod -- he even recorded a special vid on it for one lucky M Girl! You won't get it anywhere else!

The Jonas Brothers bare their souls! When we met up with JB, they sat down to fill out these juicy quizzes just for M girls! Find out how the boys answered our burning questions -- in their own words!

Rob's gym class disaster! You may think Rob is a super-sporty hottie in Twilight, but the truth is that balls used to hit Rob used to dread high school gym class! RPattz gets super-personal about his secret sport struggles! Plus, find out why kissing Kristen is difficult for Rob!

Demi sends a message to herself and to all the girls out there -- "Don't DIET!" It's been a hard road for Dem to feel good in her own skin, but she's learned to embrace healthy eating and love her bod. Dem sat down with M to talk about how she overcame her eating struggles!

Quiz time! Where will you and your BFF be in 10 years? Take this revealing quiz to find out how your crush truly feels about you!

As if all that wasn't enough, we've also got 6 incredible SIGNED MEGAS, including a Miley "Party in the USA" poster and Justin Bieber pin-up! Plus, get COLLECTIBLE NEW MOON TRADING CARDS! And M's got the coolest prizes around -- enter to win Miley's signed iPod, Taylor Swift's Band Hero prize pack, Selena's signed digi-cam, Demi's signed diary, Ashley's signed iDog, and Keke's sidekick! Plus, we have a Twilight prize BLOWOUT: Win Bella's bedding, Edward and Bella dolls, Kellan's signed DVD player, and Ashley Greene's signed diary! And that's not all -- we're also giving away $1,200 IN GIFT CARDS! So look for the magazine with the mint green background and the pink M with the words "First Love Jitters!"

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