M's New M Girl Daily Advice Column


Hey M Girls!

We have a BRAND NEW spin on the daily advice column on mmm-mag.com. Each day at 8:00 PM/EST we'll post a reader question and have our M Girl answer it!! Today, we're talking about getting to know your crush.

M Reader cookiedough1234 wrote: "There's this guy I liked for a year now, but the problem is we hardly know each other. Last year we only had lunch and gym together but this year we only have lunch together. He's in a few of my best friend's classes and he's talking and flirting with her all of a sudden! My friend likes this other guy so she wouldn't say yes if he asked her out, but I can't just randomly walk up and say hi. I'll look like a loser! Also, he's popular which makes it harder but I just can't stop liking him. What should I do?"

And M Girl's answer is: "Well since your best friend seems to talk to him a lot, use that to your advantage! Especially since she's crushing on another guy and you don't need to worry about your best friend trying to date your crush. Get her to invite him to do something with a few people one weekend. Then you'll have the opportunity to spend more time with him and you'll be able to get to know each other. Good luck!"

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