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Hey M Girls!

We have a BRAND NEW spin on the daily advice column on mmm-mag.com. Each day at 8:00 PM/EST we'll post a reader question and have our M Girl answer it!! Today, we're talking about finding out if your crush is crushing on you too.

M reader Bieberlover_13 wrote: "Okay so today was our first day back at school and I had a class with my crush. Him and me talk almost everyday. Today we were talking and he said, "I missed you over break" and then he said, "Did you miss me" and I said yes. So we were just talking and flirting and at random moments in the conversation he would say I love you and then a few seconds later he'd say he was kidding. I'm so confused. Does he like me?"

And M Girl's answer is: "Guys get just as nervous and insecure around their crushes as girls do. It sounds like he's throwing out hints that he's interested, but isn't sure if you feel the same way and that's why he says he's joking around. If you really want to pursue him, then ask him how he feels or tell him what you think of him. You won't know until you ask. Good luck!"

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