M's New M Girl Daily Advice Column


Hey M Girls!

We have a BRAND NEW spin on the daily advice column on mmm-mag.com. Each day at 8:00 PM/EST we'll post a reader question and have our M Girl answer it!! Today, we're talking about friendship.

M reader Jenny4eva wrote: "My two best friends got in a fight and are ignoring each other. Now, they always make me choose between them in class because they don't wanna work in a group all together anymore. I invited them both over not telling one that the other was there, but they both left when they realized what was going on. Now, they fight over me everyday. I need help! What should I do?"

And M Girl's answer is: "Sounds like you're in a tough spot! You don't want to choose between your friends, but it doesn't seem like they're giving you much of a choice. Instead of sneakily getting them together, tell them both individually how much their fight is hurting you and that you want to help them work it out so you all can be friends again. Good luck!!"

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