M's New M Girl Daily Advice Column


Hey M Girls!

We have a BRAND NEW spin on the daily advice column on mmm-mag.com. Each day at 8:00 PM/EST we'll post a reader question and have our M Girl answer it!! Today, we're talking about friends.

M reader akiza1072 wrote: " I love all my friends but I have a group of friends that doesn't like one of my new friends. I don't know if i should choose my new friend who I just met or my group of old friends I have known since the start."

And M Girl's answer is: "You definitely shouldn't have to choose between friends. If your old friends don't like your new friend, try to find out why. It would be great to be able to hang out with all of them together, and if your old friends really care about you they will try to accept someone that you care about. If it's impossible for everyone to get along, set aside time to hang out with both friends so that you can stay friends with everyone. Good luck!!"

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