M's New M Girl Daily Advice Column


Hey M Girls!

We have a BRAND NEW spin on the daily advice column on mmm-mag.com. Each day at 8:00 PM/EST we'll post a reader question and have our M Girl answer it!! Today, we're talking about dealing with unsupportive friends.

M Reader n-e-m-a-t wrote: "My friends at school are so mean and I get really sad everyday. When I get high grades they fight with me and start shouting but when they get high grades they become so mean and laugh at me. I don't know what to do to stop them. Help me please!"

And M Girl's answer is: "Sometimes its hard to tell who is really a true friend. A true friend wouldn't put you down for getting good grades. It sounds like they are jealous of you when you do good in school. Good friends wouldn't do that. Good friends would be supportive of you and be excited for you when you get good grades. You need to talk to your friends and let them know that how they are acting isn't how friends should treat each other. If they don't see what they are doing wrong, then you might want to move on and find new friends who support you. Good luck!"

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