M's On A Disney Cruise With The DC Stars!


Hey M Girls!

M Editor Sarah here. So get this - the Disney Channel invited me to join Nicole and Chelsea from JONAS along with Jason Dolley on the Disney Wonder cruise ship all week long. Yesterday the boat left from Florida and its been non-stop fun ever since. As we left the port, there was a HUGE party. I took tons of photos of me dancing with the DC stars as we waved goodbye to dry land. Check 'em out below:

Oh, and because I know tons of ya love fashion, I took a pic of Chelsea's cute sandles. I'm totally going to ask where she got them! LOL!

So lets dish: What's YOUR idea of a dream vaca? And if you were going in a Disney cruise, what DC star would love to see on the ship?

Check back here all week for more blogs, vids and pics!

xoxo, Sar

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