M's Top 5 Twitpics of the Week!


Hey M Girls!

Celebs are always posting fun pics on their Twitter accounts, and since you may have missed them this week, we pulled our top five faves from the past seven days. Check 'em out!

Zendaya tweeted: New episode this week...our dance is Bollywood!!!!

Harry from 1D tweeted: I wonder if I look like a tourist?

Alli Simpson tweeted: Blessed to have you bro. You're always here for me. Thank you, brah. Love Ya.

Victoria Justice tweeted: Just picked up food from my fave French place & they gave me a free baguette! Feeling very French ;{) x

Carlos from BTR tweeted: This guy told me if I bought the head... He would go online and vote for BTR at the KCAs!!! Haha!!

So let's dish: -Which one of these Twitpics do YOU like the best? Comment back & follow us on our Twitter, here!

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