M's Top 5 Twitpics of the week!


Hey M Girls!

Celebs are always posting fun pics on their Twitter accounts, and since you may have missed them this week, we pulled our top five faves from the past seven days. Check 'em out!

Justin Bieber tweeted: We are the #beesknees what does that even mean idk. @justinbieber @chazsom3rs and @itsryanbutler #beesknees #swag #tomahawk #hashtag

Usher tweeted: proud of my boy @justinbieber - movie came out amazing! #NeverSayNever3D and my boys loved it

Ellen DeGeneres tweeted: How do I know @JustinBieber wears Ellen underwear? He showed me.

Glee's Lea Michele tweeted: At the game in the most amazing box with @chordoverstreet !!!!!!

Taylor Swift tweeted while touring: Getting ready for game time, Korea.

So let's dish: -Which one of these Twitpics do YOU like the best? Comment back & follow us on our Twitter, here!

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